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On Friday I made a post about writing prompts and provided a prompt of my own which asked to create a superhero. I thought this would be a quick and easy prompt.

It wasn’t.

I has me thinking of all sorts of ideas for making a superhero novel. The difficulty in that is trying to be original in an area where most things have already become present at least in some aspect. The comic book/superhero business has been extremely experimental and thorough in covering a lot of ground.

Which presents challenges. Sometimes I like challenges, though.

I envision a collection of short stories revolving around a core of superheroes. The thought process has really only begun the past few days, but I’m definitely convinced this is something I would like to write at some point.

But this is the sort of thing that is hard to jump in and write blind. Even this prompt required far more thought than expected because I couldn’t just create one superhero. I had to have at least one ally and at least one villain in mind.

I also was going to try and find clever, meaningful names for the heroes/villains created but I now realize that will take at least as much time as creating the hero/villain will.

So for today I am simply going to meet the requirements of the superhero prompt that I shared on Friday, but this is something that will continue to be a work in progress. At the very least in my mind until it gets onto paper.

The one person who responded to the prompt so far is blogger and fantasy writer Eric at Sinistral Scribblings. I anticipate his superhero is still in the works, but he did create a great post about creating your own superhero. Anyone who is a fan of superhero comics or movies is bound to agree with at least some of his four requirements.

Name: Clarent  (This is the name for the sword that King Arthur pulled from the stone, which also happened to be the sword that Mordred stole and killed Arthur with. No, the sword was not Excalibur. He got that from the Lady of the Lake later on in life.)

Powers: He possesses a sword that augments his strength and speed. He is also capable of generating a small force field around himself or others to deflect an attack.

Strengths: He is a skilled swordsman that can move faster than a human and has the strength to cut through strong materials like steel. His force fields are able to deflect lethal attacks.

Weaknesses: His speed and strength are barely above normal without his sword, although he is still a skilled fighter. His force fields can only withstand a few blows before he has to create a new one. His sword makes him see all the good within a person that he kills, making him feel remorse for ending any life.

Allies – Lancer (Has great jumping ability and wields a spear that augments his abilities as well).

Enemies – Ancilia (Has the ability to make 11 identical images of himself; only one of the 12 is vulnerable to attack).


Who is your favorite superhero/heroine? If you could choose one superpower to have, what would it be and why?