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Today’s post comes from my second time doing the Scriptic prompt exchange. It is a great concept, trading prompts with other bloggers and seeing what they come up with. Last time I discovered a great blog, Trudging Through Fog. Maybe I’ll find another good writer from this week’s exchange.

Speaking of good writers, Eric from Sinistral Scribblings is still working on the superhero story. It was originally scheduled to go live on the 26th, but it has evolved into a larger project than would fit within a single blog post. The good news? All five parts to the story will be featured exclusively on the Scholarly Scribe, and it sounds like the first part should be ready this week. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.


She saw her daddy from across the room. She felt invisible. He had been drinking again, so it was probably good that he didn’t see her. He had the temper of an angry bear when he was drunk. He could lash out for no reason on nights like this. It was better to remain invisible.

He called out her mommy’s name. Only silence answered him. He bellowed again and again, demanding that she come here right now. No one answered. Her mommy would never answer his call again. Not after that night when she danced with daddy.

They twirled round and round the room as daddy held her mommy close. She could smell the whiskey from the staircase where she hid that night, watching them. Mommy laughed as he swept her off her feet, spinning her around in the air. Sometimes daddy was like this when he drank. Those were the nights that mommy loved him, when she didn’t have a new mark on her arm or chest. She said she could change him if God gave her enough time and patience.

When she woke up the next morning mommy was gone. Daddy said that she finally got what was coming to her. But he smiled real nice for all the men that came to visit that day, asking them to find her and bring her home. None of them brought mommy back home.

Every night since then daddy called for her when he got home, just like tonight. He said mommy’s name until he cried himself to sleep. Sometimes, if she wasn’t invisible, he lashed out at her. Those were the nights she missed mommy the most.

But tonight was different. Daddy fell asleep, calling out mommy’s name. Then mommy came after he was asleep. She told me to be quiet, that she would take me away. That she found help for us, and someone to take daddy where he could get better. She said maybe someday we could be a family and she could start dancing with daddy again.


For the Scriptic prompt exchange this week, Rebecca L Brewer gave me this prompt: She saw her father from across the room. She felt invisible.. (Yes, I changed father to daddy because it fit in with the voice of the child)

I gave Crosshavenharpist this prompt: The fate of the world depended on…