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We are just over a week away from the calendar turning to February, and already I can announce some exciting things for that month. On Sunday, February 7th the first part of a short story, called “Midnight Flight”, will be published on My Write Side. The following Sunday the other half will get published, so it will be featured in two segments. This story is a fun and whimsical fantasy story that I think you will enjoy, so be sure to check it out when the links become available.

The other thing is that my short story, “The First Martian Church of God”, which has been accepted but without a scheduled publish date for ages, finally has a publish date! That will go live on Sci Phi Journal on February 25th and I can’t wait for you to read my most Bradbury-esque Science Fiction story to date.

In writing news, I have two short stories being written. One is the third Monster Hunter short story and the other is a dark Sci-Fi thriller. I also have a lot of brainstormed ideas about the direction I will be taking my manuscript that I hope to write this year. I think that, by the time I get these two short stories done, I will be ready to start in on that project and will have a clear idea about the major points the novel will follow.

I have made a new page at the top that tracks the books I am reading. So far I have only finished one, an audiobook, but that is because Monte Cristo is such a long read (which is over halfway done!) and my other audiobook I was listening to was also such a long one (and when it gets checked back in I can finish off the final 4-5 hours of that one!) so that list will start to grow sooner or later.

Watch for some reviews to get up on some of what I read this year, although I doubt I will commit to writing a full review for all of them.