Because this was such an awesome post, this will serve as my first official Medievalist Monday post! Enjoy!

The Weaving Word

This is a bit longer than a quote, but well worth reading.  A friend shared it with me, and I found it beyond inspiring!  Ever wonder how Lewis transitioned from being an atheist to one of the most influential Christian apologists of the 20th century?  Tolkien played a part in it…as well as Lewis’ love of mythology.  If you love Tolkien and Lewis like I do, you really won’t want to miss this great article from The Art of Manliness newsletter. At the bottom of the article there are also some powerful insights on reviving meaningful conversation–the very type that changed Lewis’ life.

For additional inspiration, check out today’s post on my author blog.  I’ve shared Joshua Robertson’s video on how to speak Sindarin, the language of Tolkien’s elves. Enjoy!

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It is…

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