For today’s Scripture Saturday post, I am honored to once again have Andrea contribute a post. This one discusses three types of Christians, using animals as identifiers. This is a most interesting read, so check it out and be sure to comment which type of Christian you are!


One of the things that makes talking about Christianity so interesting is the different perspectives we all have. For example, because my brother and I are two different types of Christains, we notice and are sensitive to different things.  It isn’t that one kind is “better” automatically than the others, but each has their strengths and weaknesses.

file0002020548332 by danielemusellaElephant Christians: These Christians are very grounded, and, as such, they’re not quick to accept new doctrine. At their best, they’re like the Berean Christians, who studied scripture to see if Paul’s preaching was sound or not ( Acts 17:11). At their worst, they can be like the Pharisees or Jesus’ neighbors at Nazareth, where they aren’t willing to accept a prophet because they know him, or because he didn’t come as they expected, or do what they wanted him to do.

Frequently, they can be interested in the details of Christianity, but…

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