Because this post ties in so well with some of what I have been digging up in my study of Joshua, be sure to check out Andrea’s post about taking action in response to prophecy, as well as the many other excellent posts about prophecy on her blog.


Today we want to start exploring the personal side of prophecy: how we respond to them, whether they are a warning, a “news-bulletin of the future,” or a word of guidance.  Do we alter everything in response to the message? Should we remain skeptical? Or pray for an alternative outcome? (These come into play whether you’re dealing with prophecy or God’s direction in general.)

file000551198693 by anitapeppersElisha and Samaria–No Action Required. Sometimes, God’s prophecies require no action on our part to come to pass. This was the case with the city of Samaria when it was under attack, as noted in 2 Kings 6:25-7:1-18. There had been a famine and they were under a siege until the people were starving. Then the king’s messenger was sent to Elisha to find out when (and if) God would give them deliverance from their troubles. “Elisha said, ‘Hear you the word of the Lord:…

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