Welcome, my devoted readers. I have spent the past few weeks giving some serious consideration to many facets of my life, as we often do around this time of year. And I realized something as I was making my week of year-end posts covering my top ten books, villains, covers, and books coming in 2017. While I absolutely love getting books and reading them in exchange for a review, it has taken away my ability to really dive into the books that I want to be reading. It is thrilling to be on the cutting-edge of what will be coming out, such as Elise Kova’s Alchemists of Loom, but at the same time there is so much I want to be reading that I already am likely to never get caught up.

I am not going to be closing down the blog or anything extreme like that. But I am taking a giant leap backwards from the book blogging aspect. Here are the changes:

  • I will be far more selective in seeking new books to read from Indie Authors and others. There are so many of those books out there, and I am grateful for the hundreds of synopses that I was able to read in the past six months. I’ve found some great books along the way that peaked my interest, but I simply cannot push so many books that I am itching to read onto the back burner.
  • I will be cutting down on blog tours, cover reveals, and interviews. While these have been fun to take part in, I am trying to trim down the content and streamline things in order to place the focus on where I am most interested. There will be some still for the next month or two based on prior agreements, and I still may join in on a few from time to time, but they will be chosen with far more care.

And here are the things that will remain:

  • Now that the holidays are past I will resume my weekly posting of Scripture Saturdays, diving deeper into the book of Joshua.
  • I am still planning on the Medieval Book Club, although I missed the post back on December 15th to preview the book for January. Look for that post to possibly come tonight, with the first discussion to go up on January 19th.

Hopefully these changes will not only free me up to read the books I am hoping to read, but will also free up time for writing. Because I found the past 6 months allowed me very little time to write, since I was spending so much of that time reading and reviewing various books.